British Hills


Key to Classification Codes

Ma Marilyn Dil Dillon
Hu HuMP 5 Dewey
M Munro 5D Donald Dewey
MT Munro Top 5H Highland Five
Mur Murdo 5M Myrddyn Dewey
C Corbett A Arderin
CT Corbett Top 4 400-499m Tump
Sim Simm 3 300-399m Tump
G Graham 2 200-299m Tump
GT Graham Top 1 100-199m Tump
Sy Synge 0 0-99m Tump
W Wainwright WO Wainwright Outlying Fell
D Donald B Birkett
DT Donald Top CoH County Top – Historic
F Furth CoA County Top – Administrative
Hew Hewitt CoU County Top – Current County and Unitary Authority
N Nuttall CoL County Top – London Borough
VL Vandeleur-Lynam O Other list
Fell Fellranger Un Unclassified
s Sub
x Deleted
= Twin

Other lists not shown in the classification field but obtainable from the classification search are as follows:

B&L Buxton & Lewis T100 Trail 100
Bg Bridge Tu Tump
Ca Carn Bin Binnion

geocode response information

Use this page to search
a Database of British Hills v15.1
for a particular hill :-

Or, in the same Database, in the area currently shown by the map, search for hills wih a particular (e.g. Corbetts), or any, classification :-

Search for a Hill.
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Use the map controls to focus the map on your area of interest.
There are 65 different classifications (excluding the Irish ones), of which there are displayed a selection of the most popular. If you want the full list - click 'Full List'.
Should there be more than 100 hills in the area that match your selection, there will just be shown a random sample of a 100 hills.

Munro Top

Marilyn Twin Marilyn subMarilyn
HuMP Twin HuMP subHuMP
Munro Munro Top deleted Munro Top
Corbett Corbett Top Deleted Corbett
Donald Donald Top Deleted Donald Top
Graham Graham Top deleted Graham
Furth Murdo Hewitt
Nuttall Dewey Donald Dewey
Myrddyn Dewey subMyrddyn Dewey subDewey
subDonald Dewey subHighland Five sub400-499m hill
Wainwright Wainwright Outlying Fell Buxton & Lewis
Sims subSim Birkett
Highland Five Tump 400-499m Tump
300-399m Tump 200-299m Tump 100-199m Tump
0-99m Tump Twin Tump 100-199m Twin Tumo
Furth Sims unclassified
County Top - Administrative County Top - Current County and Unitary Authority County Top - London Borough
Twin County Top - Historic Twin County Top - Administrative Twin County Top - London Borough
Bridge Trail 100 other list
Synge Fellranger deleted Nuttall
Significant Island of Britain
How The Search Works.

     The database referred to in the following paragraph is an extract from "The Database of British and Irish Hills" (Version 15.1). However as this is essentially a mapping application using only Ordnance Survey mapping data, references to points outside the scope of this data have been removed.That means there are no references to Irish or Channel Islands hills.
     The idea is that the program looks up the Database using the name entered. It expects at least 4 characters - there'll be a little red mark to the top right of the page if not. If the name that you've entered is found, the map will be redrawn at 1:50,000 and the hill marked. Click on the marker for the name and height of the hill and click that again for the further information held in the Database. There may be several hills with the same name, in which case, there'll be offered a selection list for you to choose the one required.
     If the name is not found, a fresh search is made to see if there are any names starting with what was entered. If 1 is found, it will be marked. If more than 1 is found you'll get the selection list as before. If still nothing is found, a search is made to see whether or not any of the names on the Database contain the name entered. Again the possibilities are one, more than one, or none, and, where none - you'll see a little amber marker. Although the amber marker signifies that the various possibilities of finding the name in the Database have been exhausted, clicking on it will check the Ordnance Survey gazetteer of names (some 250,000 of them) published from their complete range of 1:50,000 maps. There will be no marker(s), but, if found, the map will be redrawn at 1:50,000 with the name appearing at the center of the map. A little black circle indicates that the name was not found in the gazeteer. For present purposes, the site does not check to see whether or not the entered name is that of a hill.
     Searching for hills by classification is easy. Just tick the box(es) for the classification(s) you want to see and any hills of the chosen classification(s) will be shown in the area currently covered by the map.
     Having clicked on the blue 'trig point' marker you may see the symbol(s) 'Δ∧' and/or 'Δ∩'.
This represents an indication that there are topographically related points. In some cases these may be thought of as other tops on the same hill.'Δ∧' is for the more traditional "Munro's Tables" - Munros, Donalds - listings, whereas 'Δ∩' is for the more topographically correct "Marilyn". In any event, clicking on the symbol, will redraw the map to show all of them.
     If a selection list is shown and if there are fewer than 20 options the 'show all' button is always available. So you can see, for example all the 'Geal Charn's or all the 'Meall Buidhe's or 'Beinn Dearg's, but unless the names are fairly close to each other, the map will be drawn at something other than 1:50,000.
     After a successful search, the map can be enlarged to fill the whole of the browser window by clicking on the 'enlarge' button that appears at the bottom right hand corner of the map. A click on the OS logo to the bottom left of the map should provide a relevant map legend in a new window.

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